Eagle Spirit Spring Water in 16.9 oz Bottles Free shipping on the 24 bottle case for a LIMITED TIME!


About the product:

  • Pure Living Spring Water in a 16.9 oz bottles
  • Naturally Alkaline and high 7.8 pH. Zero Additives
  • Abundantly rich in healthy minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium
  • Natures gift from Ancestral Rocky Mountains
  • Sourced from Native American Tribal land in Oklahoma
  • Majority-Owned Native American Enterprise
  • Used for its healing powers by last Comanche Eagle Doctor, Mary Sanipia Poafpybitty

Product Description

At the foot of the Wichita Mountains, once a part of the Rockies, flows an ancient natural spring. The last Comanche Eagle Doctor, Mary “Sanapia” Poafpybitty, lived here and required her patients to drink the water, as it was thought to have incredible healing powers. The only place you will find it (other than the spring itself) is in this bottle.


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