Eagle Spirit Spring Water in 2.64 Gallon Box with it’s own easy to use water spout!


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About the product:

  • Pure Living Spring Water in a 2.64 gallon easy dispense Eco-friendly box
  • Naturally Alkaline and high 7.8 pH. Zero Additives
  • Abundantly rich in healthy minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium
  • Natures gift from Ancestral Rocky Mountains
  • Sourced from Native American Tribal land in Oklahoma
  • Majority-Owned Native American Enterprise
  • Used for its healing powers by last Comanche Eagle Doctor, Mary Sanipia Poafpybitty
  • For quantities of 10 or more, please contact the sales team at RMHB for special pricing on freight.

Out of stock

Product Description

Pure and naturally alkaline, 7.8 pH, and high mineral content, Eagle Spirit Spring Water is a pure spring water bottled from the source on Oklahoma tribal lands. It was used by the last Comanche Eagle Doctor, Mary Sanipia, as it was thought to have tremendous healing powers for her patients. Eagle Spirit Spring Water is a Native American owned product. It is now available to all who wish to drink the living waters of the ancient Rocky Mountains. Try it in 16.9oz bottles or the new easy dispense and eco-friendly box for table or cooler.

Eagle Spirit Spring Water Gallon Box

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