Introducing the NEW Rocky Mountain high Website!

The Rocky Mountain High journey began with a simple goal – create a better energy drink. With troubled mainstream brands suffering from bad press and legal issues, the door was wide open for a safe, natural, functional, and great-tasting energy drink option to emerge. And here we are!

Recently, we’ve taken a step back to look critically at our brand, and we’ve made some major changes; from leadership additions at the corporate level to completely fresh packaging to new product introductions to major sponsorships at music festivals around the country. But one of the areas we’re most excited about is our new website!

Not only do our passionate supporters view Rocky Mountain High as a better alternative to the mainstream brands in almost every possible way – taste, nutrition, and performance – we’ve found that our safe, natural, crash-free, boost of energy has inspired what’s commonly referred to as “living Rocky Mountain High”.

And we get it. It’s about living clean, working hard, and getting stuff done. It’s harmony and balance. A little yin with your yang. Clarity and focus. A boost when you’re weary, without the crash that often follows.

From outdoor enthusiasts to college students to workaholics to those seeking healthful products, our blend of hemp, ginseng, guarana, and other natural ingredients helps people perform at their best.

But our website didn’t reflect this lifestyle.

The new is focused on bringing to light the amazing ways our products are enhancing the lives of our customers.

In addition to performance enhancements like a better mobile experience, social media integration, and more product information, you can visit the site to buy Rocky Mountain High products, find locations near you where you can purchase them at retail, and get timely information about events and other exciting news.

We’ve also separated out consumer content from corporate information to ensure that the right audience is getting the right information. Visit for stock prices, to meet the corporate team, for information about our other brands, like Eagle Spirit Spring Water, and other company resources.

With this website relaunch, we commit to bringing you a better experience, and we hope you’ll return to be a part of our story!